Enterprises in every vertical are seeking to lower IT costs and improve computing power by migrating data and applications to the cloud. But what is data migration to the cloud, exactly, and what challenges does it present to enterprises and IT organizations?

Here's a short introduction to "What is data migration?" and to solutions that can simplify and accelerate the process.

What is data migration?

Data migration is simply the process of moving data between different types of storage or file formats. Cloud data migration refers to transferring or replicating data from on-premise systems to cloud-based storage.

What is data migration's principal objective?

When migrating data to the cloud, enterprises and IT organizations are most often focused on securing data in transit while minimizing the impact of data migration tasks on IT staff and on the performance of source database systems.

What is data migration's greatest challenge?

The single greatest challenge of data migration to cloud platforms is minimizing the complexity of data migration operations. With IT teams involved in support of nearly every business function, enterprises don't want to burden IT staff with cumbersome migration software or excessive manual coding.

What is data migration security?

Data security is critical during migration, as sensitive information like financial records, customer information and business plans may be exposed, lost or corrupted if data migration security is not adequate.

What is data migration from multiple data sources?

Because source data often resides in heterogeneous databases, enterprises need a data migration tool that can easily enable simultaneous migration from multiple source databases to a broad variety of cloud platforms.

What is a data migration solution?

Attunity is a data migration and data replication solution that can simplify and accelerate migration from many databases to many cloud platforms. With Attunity, organizations can migrate data securely and efficiently, with zero downtime and minimal impact on system performance. An intuitive graphical interface helps to simplify migration tasks and automate processes and to end, minimizing administrative burden on IT teams. And AES 256-bit encryption ensures that data is secure as it is transferred to the cloud.

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