The SAP HANA in-memory computing platform has the potential to accelerate operations and analytics across the enterprise. The world’s largest SAP organizations are creating test HANA environments to evaluate this exciting technology

To create test HANA environments, organizations need current, relevant, production-quality test data. But traditional tools often replicate too much test data, too slowly, costing IT valuable time and infrastructure resources. Attunity Gold Client addresses these challenges, accelerating SAP testing and reducing infrastructure requirements.

Flexible Data Management

With Attunity Gold Client, you can:

  • Simplify SAP HANA rollouts by easily selecting, protecting, and copying a narrow but relevant data subset for proof of concept (POC) evaluations
  • Define subsets with any field or criteria for ultimate flexibility

More Efficient SAP HANA Data Testing

  • Rapidly migrate secure data to SAP applications running on the HANA platform in the data center or in the cloud
  • Reduce the time and resources required to manage, support, and secure data across SAP environments
  • Shorten your development and bug-fix cycles by maintaining current data in HANA DEV
Dev Tool:

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