Apache Kafka enables big data analytics opportunities by providing a high-scale, low-latency platform for ingesting and processing live data streams. And with valuable data being managed in a variety of databases, enterprises can benefit from ingesting that data through Kafka to support their analytics or Data Lake initiatives.

This real-time data ingestion can be challenging due to potential impact on source systems, complexity in custom development, and ability to efficiently scale to support a large number of data sources. Attunity Replicate addresses these challenges with efficient, real-time, and scalable data ingest from many source database systems leveraging low-impact CDC technology.

“Attunity is an important partner for both Confluent and the broader Kafka community. Their technology simplifies integration with Kafka, enabling customers to more quickly derive greater business value from their data with less effort.”

VP Business Development at Confluent,
the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka

Real-Time and Low Impact

With Attunity Replicate, IT organizations gain:

  • Real-time data capture.  Feed live database changes to Kafka message brokers with low latency
  • Low impact resolution. Log-based change data capture   (CDC) reduces the impact and a unique zero-footprint architecture eliminates the need to install any agents on source database systems

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Simple and Automated

  • No coding. Use an intuitive and configurable GUI to quickly  and easily set up data feeds with no manual coding

Universal and Scalable

  • Support for many data sources.   A single platform that supports many types of sources including all major RDBMS, data  warehouses, and mainframe systems
  • High scale. An architecture and software that scales to ingest data from hundreds and thousands of databases, providing centralized monitoring and management capabilities
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