Accelerate real-time data ingestion at scale from many sources into your Data Lake

Data Lakes are the modern enterprise platform for storing the diverse and large volumes of data, and a foundation for enabling new scales and styles of analytics. Whether on premises or in the Cloud, Data Lakes are fast becoming a critical part of data management infrastructures.

But as enterprises build their data lakes, they often struggle to ingest data from many sources in an efficient, cost-effective and scalable fashion. They must manage hundreds and even thousands of data feeds going into the lake, and cannot depend on custom development for every source system. Attunity can help with its enterprise-class data ingest software.

Attunity Replicate provides an easy and scalable data ingest platform that supports many source database systems, delivering data efficiently and ensuring high performance to different types of data lakes.

“Using Attunity Replicate, we were able to create our strategic analytical platform, Insights Analytics, which allows us to make important operational decisions that benefit our staff and students.”

Juergen Stegmair,
Lead for Database Admin, University of North Texas

Simple and Scalable

With Attunity Replicate, IT organizations gain:

  • Simplicity – no coding. Use an intuitive and configurable GUI to quickly and easily set up data feeds with no manual coding
  • Large Scale. Scale to ingest data from hundreds and thousands of databases, providing centralized monitoring and management capabilities


  • Support for many source systems. One unified replication platform supports many types of sources including all major RDBMS, data warehouses, and mainframe systems
  • High performance and low risk. Gain optimized and certified integration into all Hadoop distributions – Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, as well as Kafka and Cloud platforms

Real Time

Ingest incremental datasets efficiently and continuously with enterprise-class change data capture (CDC)

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