Hadoop and Big Data technologies are the modern enterprise platform for storing diverse and large volumes of data, and a foundation for enabling higher scales and new styles of analytics. But these technologies also create the need for new solutions to ingest Big Data at scale, manage performance and control cost.

Learn how Attunity’s Hadoop and Big Data solutions can help you and your organization.

Data Ingestion for Hadoop Data Lakes

Accelerate data ingestion at scale from many sources into your Data Lake. Attunity’s easy and scalable data ingest platform supports many source database systems, and delivers data efficiently and ensures high performance to different types of data lakes.

Streaming Ingest with Kafka

Enable real-time analytics with live data, from many sources, at scale. Attunity’s efficient, scalable change data capture (CDC) and data ingestion software creates live database feeds to Kafka to support analytics and Data Lake initiatives.

Mainframe Integration with Big Data

Offload queries from the mainframe and enable analytics on your valuable data. Attunity software provides a simple and cost-effective way to feed mainframe data to Apache Kafka and Big Data environments, including all major Hadoop distributions.es of data lakes.

Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop

Rebalance data and workloads for better cost and performance. Our unique data usage and workload analytics platform identifies data to offload from data warehouses. Attunity software also will easily ingest that data into Hadoop.

Data Usage and Workload Analytics

Manage your Data Lake with intelligence and governance. Attunity data usage and workload analytics software enables intelligence data management to improve performance, capacity planning, cost and compliance.akes.

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