Today’s data warehouse must meet fast-changing business requirements, support new data sources, and deliver solutions in quick iterations. Traditional ETL tools lack the agility, ease of use and level of automation needed to answer these requirements.

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is a modern approach to data warehousing. An evolution from traditional ETL, it provides automation and optimizations from designing the warehouse, to generating ETL code, to quickly applying updates, all leveraging best practices and proven design patterns.

Attunity Compose is an innovative DWA software platform that streamlines this process end to end. It dramatically reduces the time, costs, and risks of data warehousing projects. Attunity Compose is also integrated with Attunity Replicate to enable real-time data warehousing with continuous and incremental data acquisition from all major enterprise data sources. Learn more about Agile Data Warehousing and Data Lake Automation.

With Attunity Compose data warehouse automation, a Fortune 500 global insurance company:

  • Cut 45 days of ETL coding to two
  • Reduced implementation costs 80%
  • Accelerated DW updates to once monthly from twice annually

“One of the most useful things about Attunity Compose is that it gives us better data. This decreases anxiety in the business and we expect that it will give Poly-Wood a competitive edge in the market.”

Sean Rassi,
President of Design and Technology

Attunity Compose supports the major enterprise data warehouses, including Teradata (on premises and in the cloud), Oracle/Exadata and SQL Server. Attunity Compose also is now available on Amazon Redshift – see our solution page and solution sheet. 

Rapid Data Warehouse Implementation

Attunity Compose provides LOB and IT teams with:

  • Speed. Data warehouses and data marts can be built in days or weeks, dramatically faster than traditional ETL tools
  • Design Automation. Data warehouse structures are quickly defined and deployed, based on proven design patterns such as Vault, Inmon, and Kimball
  • ETL Automation. Attunity Compose automatically generates 80% or more of the “Extract, Transform, and Load” commands, dramatically reducing implementation time and resources

Faster ETL Processing

  • Rapid updates. Iterate and update data warehouse solutions frequently to align IT and LOB needs. Dynamically propagate source, business rule or model changes to the target data warehouse
  • Version Control. Attunity Compose further optimizes the data warehousing process by centralizing and automating project version control. Users can compare, lock and/or merge versions and track changes, improving team productivity and agility

Data Warehouse Process Optimization

Attunity solves the challenges associated with traditional BI tools. Attunity Compose provides IT teams with:

  • Enterprise Quality. Teams can leverage integrated data profiling, quality and lineage capabilities, and automatically generate project documentation
  • Simplified Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production (DTAP): Attunity Compose further accelerates data warehousing rollouts and updates with the ability to create and deploy project deployment packages directly from the Compose user interface
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