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Attunity Solutions for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform

Attunity offers solutions for real-time data pipeline automation for the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Attunity solutions accelerate machine learning, AI and DataOps initiatives using change data capture (CDC) technology that ensures continuous data streams from multiple data sources to the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Read the data sheet.

The Importance of DataOps in a Multi-Cloud World

There’s no denying that Cloud has evolved from being an outlying market disruptor to a mainstream method for delivering IT applications and services. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find that Enterprises use the services of more than one cloud at the same time. However, while a multi-cloud strategy offers many benefits, it also increases data management complexity and consequently reduces data availability. This webinar defines the meaning of DataOps and why it’s a crucial component for every multi-cloud approach.

Attunity: Qui sommes-nous ?

Attunity se présente comme la solution de réplication des données métiers et gestion du Big Data. Cette solution est incontournable en vue d’optimiser le transfert des données hétérogènes en temps réel.

Attunity Solutions for Google Cloud Platform

Attunity offers solutions that help you accelerate data replication, ingestion, and streaming across all major database, data warehouse, data lake and legacy platforms on premises and in the cloud. Used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Attunity solutions help you get more value from the Google Cloud Platform easily, securely and efficiently. Read the solution sheet.

Taking Your Data to the Next Level

Data lake adoption is on the rise. Right now, 38% of DBTA subscribers have data lakes deployed to support data science, data discovery and real-time analytics initiatives, and another 20% are considering adoption. Watch the On-Demand Webinar.

DataOps: Streamlining the Delivery of Insights

Read this report to learn more about the principles, use cases and software solutions that contribute to effective DataOps initiatives. Also learn how Attunity delivers automated design and management of effective data pipelines for DataOps.

Attunity: Ihre Datenintegrationslösung für Streamingdaten-Pipelines

Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt profitieren von zusätzlichem Wert Ihrer Daten und sparen mit Attunity Zeit und Kosten. Unser Software-Portfolio beschleunigt die Bereitstellung und Verfügbarkeit von Daten, automatisiert deren Bereitschaft für Analysen und optimiert das Datenmanagement mit Intelligenz. Lesen Sie unsere Unternehmensübersicht, um mehr zu erfahren.

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