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The Future of Data Warehousing and Data Integration

Learn how and why the emerging generation of data warehouses is more flexible, agile and cloud-based than their predecessors, and has a strong need for automation and real-time data integration with Eric Kavanagh from the Bloor Group, David Wells from the Eckerson Group and Kevin Petrie from Attunity.

Podcast: How Real-Time Data Streaming and Integration Set the Stage for DataOps and Using AI for Data Automation

Listen to this BriefingsDirect broadcast featuring Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions interviewing Dan Potter, Vice President of Product Marketing at Attunity, a Division of Qlik. Together, they examine the latest strategies for uniting and governing data wherever it resides. By doing this, businesses are enabling rapid and actionable analysis – as well as entirely new levels of human-to-augmented-intelligence collaboration. Tune in to hear more about the foundational capabilities that leads to a total data access exploitation.

Attunity + Qlik: A New Way to Lead with Data

Watch the on-demand webinar dedicated to sharing how Qlik’s acquistion of Attunity won’t affect the use of Attunity’s solutions, but will accelerate the market-leading capabilities you’ve come to expect with Attunity.

Attunity Solutions for Microsoft Azure Databricks

Attunity solutions accelerate machine learning, AI and DataOps initiatives using change data capture (CDC) technology that ensures continuous data streams from multiple data sources to Microsoft Azure Databricks. Read this solution sheet to learn more.

Key Capabilities for Real-Time Analytics Today

To educate IT and business stakeholders about key capabilities for succeeding with real-time analytics today, Database Trends and Applications hosted a special roundtable webinar with Attunity. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into new technologies and best practices.

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