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Enabling 360-degree Business Insights with SAP Data

Join John L Myers, managing research director for data and analytics at EMA, and Kevin Petrie, senior director of product marketing at Attunity, as they discuss how organizations are overcoming inherent challenges to enable SAP data-driven initiatives and meet the analytics goals of their organization with modern data integration and management. Watch the On-Demand Webinar!

Change Data Capture: Your Modern Alternative to Sqoop for Data Lake Ingestion

In this webinar, we explore the architecture and use cases for change data capture (CDC), which more and more enterprises are implementing to close the Sqoop gap. This software solution continuously identifies and captures incremental data changes from a variety of sources into data lakes, where data is transformed and delivered for analytics. Designed and implemented effectively, CDC can meet the scalability, efficiency, real-time and zero-impact requirements of modern data architectures.

Comply with your GDPR Commitments

Listen to this on-demand webinar to find out how Attunity Gold Client can help your organisation put in place the controls required to meet GDPR, easily anonymise sensitive data and avoid fines and provide sub-sets of real, relevant and reliable data to your non-production environments directly from production. Learn more.

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