Attunity Replicate accelerates data replication, ingestion, and streaming across all major database, data warehouse, data lake and legacy platforms. Attunity Replicate automates both bulk loads and live change data capture (CDC) updates.

Attunity Replicate is available in pay-as-you-go hourly pricing or BYOL and can be deployed on the AWS Cloud or GovCloud in minutes.


  • Features expanded integration with AWS products
  • Provides large-scale, accelerated data loading with zero downtime
  • Enables real-time data availability for data lakes on the AWS Cloud and streaming architectures

Attunity Replicate, your platform for simple, universal and real-time data integration.

Attunity Replicate EC2 Quickstart Guide (PDF)

This guide explains the process for configuring replication tasks from a wide range of sources to AWS targets.

Attunity Replicate 6.0 Administration Guide (PDF)

This document guides users through the process of managing various Attunity Replicate capabilities.

“With the Attunity solution, we’re able to better analyze immense data volumes from disparate applications – including our e-commerce, transactional and back office systems. It has provided new efficiencies by making our data available immediately, ultimately expediting the analytics process and enabling access to the freshest data possible for real-time decision making.”

Kiran Nagarur,
VP Data Science & Engineering

Publish live database transactions to Amazon Kinesis

Ingest enterprise data into Amazon EMR

Rapidly deploy cloud data warehouses including Redshift and Teradata

Migrate data into Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Attunity Replicate is now available as a free trial in the Amazon Marketplace.

Attunity Replicate supports a broad ecosystem of AWS Products


Pay-as-you-go Attunity Replicate


Attunity Replicate – Hourly on Amazon EC2” is a specialized offering of Attunity Replicate for EC2 that synchronizes data between the following source and target databases only. If you would like to replicate data from other sources not listed below then, please contact us for further assistance.


  • IBM DB2 for LUW
  • Microsoft SQLServer
  • MySQL (including Amazon RDS for MySQL and Amazon Aurora MySQL)
  • Oracle (including Amazon RDS for Oracle)
  • PostgreSQL


  • Amazon Redshift
  • Hadoop
  • Microsoft SQLServer (including Amazon RDS for SQLServer)
  • MySQL (including Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for MariaDB and Amazon Aurora MySQL)
  • Oracle (including Amazon RDS for Oracle)
  • PostgreSQL (including Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL)
  • Teradata

Also available on the Amazon Marketplace: Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift

Attunity Compose automates the transformation of data into analytics-ready structures

For data warehouses, Attunity Compose automates the design, deployment, management and updates in Amazon Redshift, auto-generating ETL code for routine commands to dramatically reduce manual coding.

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