Attunity Enterprise Manager is your central command center to configure, execute, monitor and control replication processes across the enterprise.

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Enterprises today need to rapidly integrate data at scale across heterogeneous environments for analytics. Managing and monitoring data ingestion and replication across many end points, however, can overburden IT with complexity. Administrators struggle to execute and track high-scale enterprise replication processes to ensure operations run smoothly.

Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM), an extension of Attunity Replicate, provides a centralized platform with an unified, intuitive graphical interface to efficiently manage and monitor replication. You can design, execute, and monitor Attunity Replicate processes across large and growing business landscapes. This improves productivity, performance and security.

Attunity Enterprise Manager: Your Command Center for Attunity Replicate

AEM simplifies the management of Attunity Replicate across large enterprises.

  • Design and execute batch loads and continuous change data capture (CDC) across all sources and targets through one pane of glass
  • Enable massive data consolidation across dozens of Attunity Replicate servers and hundreds if not thousands of heterogeneous end points

Monitoring and control

  • Monitor hundreds of replication tasks in real-time through KPIs and alerts across all Attunity Replicate servers in your environment
  • Configure dashboard views and group tasks by server, database source or target, application or even by physical location
  • Actionable. Search and filter tasks to gain actionable insight into data loading status, identifying and remediating issues to meet performance SLAs
  • Integrated. Use programmable REST and .NET interfaces to monitor and manage replication processes through enterprise dashboards

Security and Compliance

AEM augments data access governance policies.

  • Complete. Log every change to Attunity Replicate tasks and operations (stop, start, reload, etc.) to create complete audit trails
  • Granular access control. Leverage role-based access controls for policy-based management of user views and actions
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