The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is prompting enterprises to re-think their data management practices. Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection helps implement the “right to be forgotten” in SAP production environments.

Enforce Article 17 – Right to erasure

The Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) is one of the most challenging aspects of GDPR. Often this regulation is incompatible with other regulatory requirements like tax record retention policy. Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection simplifies these complexities.

Data Protection Features

Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection addresses “the right to be forgotten” with these powerful features:

  • Configurable erasure-policy rules: Rules that define which records can be masked.
  • Custom data masking instructions: Rules that define how record field values are masked.
  • PII exposure reporting: Reporting to highlight records that match erasure policy criteria.
  • SAP change log protection: The process of masking PII data in SAP transaction logs.
  • User-defined “undo” period: The period after which data masking is irreversible.

Reduce Risk of GDPR Non-compliance

With Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection you can quickly and easily detect, identify and fix your exposure to GDPR Article 17 non-compliance in your SAP production systems. The anonymization process can be applied across all core and/or industry-specific SAP modules and cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original data.

Confidence of Certification

You can rely and trust the expertise that only an SAP Certified partner like Attunity can deliver.

Highlights include:

  • Leader in SAP data management since 1998
  • SAP software solution and technology partner
  • SAP certified
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