Dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of cloud analytics projects with agile data warehouse automation

Organizations increasingly choose to run analytics on the cloud due to its resource elasticity and cost advantages. For thousands of businesses, Amazon Redshift has become the ideal complement or even alternative to on-premises data warehouses. Although Amazon Redshift is easily deployed and scaled, many organizations struggle with the lengthy and often manual process of managing data warehouses.

Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift delivers an innovative approach that speeds the process and reduces reliance on developers. Attunity Compose automates the design, deployment, management and updates of data warehouses. Redshift users can rapidly spin up, scale up and iterate their data warehouse, dynamically adjusting data sources and models based on changing business requirements.

Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift delivers:

  • Speed. Build data warehouses and data marts in days or weeks, dramatically faster than traditional ETL tools.
  • Agility. Rapidly incorporate changes to data sources, business rules, or other data model components.
  • Design Automation. Quickly define and deploy data warehouse structures based on proven design architectural approaches such as Vault, Inmon, and Kimball.
  • ETL Automation. Automatically generate 80% or more of the “Extract, Transform, and Load” commands, reducing implementation time and resources.
  • Enterprise Quality. Leverage integrated data profiling, quality and lineage capabilities, and automatically generate project documentation.
  • Real-time Data Warehousing. Relay incremental source updates with continuous change data capture technology, enabling real-time analytics on Amazon Redshift.
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