Attunity CloudBeam provides cloud-optimized data replication from all major on-premises sources to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Faster Time to Cloud

Many enterprises want to leverage the cloud to lower IT costs and to scale projects as needed. Yet cloud migrations can be tricky, requiring custom coding and introducing latency and security risks that slow projects and increase cost.

Accelerate Data Movement

Enterprises need simpler, faster and more secure data migration methods to realize the benefits of the Cloud. Attunity CloudBeam, the cloud marketplace edition of Attunity Replicate, can help with data replication that simplifies and accelerates data transfer from many databases to many cloud platforms, efficiently and securely.


  • After weeks of failed manual attempts, Philips Healthcare automatically loaded 37 million records to Amazon Redshift in 1 hour with Attunity CloudBeam
  • Veritix reduced its cloud migration time 90% to two hours

“Using Attunity CloudBeam’s optimized data loading solution, Glidewell was able to onboard more quickly to the platform and overcome the data transfer bottleneck… this resulted in rapid self-service analytics with immediate value to our business.”

Mike Selberis

Simple and Universal

With Attunity CloudBeam, enterprises gain:

  • Simplicity – no coding. Use an intuitive and configurable GUI to quickly and easily set up data migrations with no manual coding. Automate the process end to end, including bulk and real-time CDC replication, DDL updates and target schema creation
  • Central control. Manage and monitor replication tasks across hundreds or potentially thousands of end points through a single pane of glass to reduce administrative burden
  • Support for all major data sources. One CloudBeam replication platform supports many types of sources, including all major RDBMS, data warehouses, and mainframe systems. CloudBeam also can be used both on premises and in the Cloud
  • Support for many Cloud targets. Migrate data to AWS, including all RDS databases and Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL database and Warehouse, and Google Cloud SQL

Faster and More Secure

  • Optimized Performance. Efficiently transfer data over the wide area network (WAN) to your public Cloud platform of choice, leveraging advanced Attunity data transfer technology. Compress and split large tables into multiple, configurable streams, and batch together small tables and CDC streams
  • Data availability. Recover seamlessly from interrupted transfers by leveraging bi-directional replication that keeps source current during data transfer
  • Minimal source impact. With log-based CDC technology, Attunity enables continuous replication to avoid any downtime and reduce impact on source database systems
  • Security. Ensure data integrity with check mechanisms, and secure data transfer across Wide Area Networks with AES 256 encryption

Attunity CloudBeam – Cloud Platform Support

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