Snowflake is a fully relational SQL data warehouse. It’s all new and built for the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Snowflake provides complete relational database support for both structured and semi-structured data (JSON, Avro, XML), and implements comprehensive support for the SQL language. It requires no administration and is delivered as a turn-key cloud service. Snowflake provides broad support for ETL and BI tools, and enables developers to build modern data applications. It is secure by design.

Attunity Replicate and Snowflake

Attunity Replicate automates bulk data loading from multiple database sources (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL and more) to Snowflake continuously with zero downtime. With Attunity Replicate, you can avoid the heavy lifting of manually extracting data, transferring via API/script, chopping, staging, and importing.

Key benefits of Attunity Replicate are quick and easy setup, change data capture (CDC), data integrity with check mechanisms, monitoring for peace of mind, control and auditing, and secure data transfer with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Snowflake Diagram

Attunity and Snowflake Working Together

Together, Attunity and Snowflake are providing you with a powerful solution that ingests data from multiple data sources onto a cloud data warehouse, so that your whole team has universal access to real-time data for analytics

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