The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform makes it easier for enterprises to build data pipelines across siloed data storage systems with one platform that unifies data processing and machine learning (ML) initiatives that make artificial intelligence (AI) achievable.

Attunity offers solutions for real-time data pipeline automation for the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Attunity accelerates machine learning, AI and DataOps initiatives using change data capture (CDC) technology that ensures continuous data streams from multiple data sources and automates the transforms for continuous integration and merging in Databrick Delta.

Attunity Replicate

Attunity Replicate automates change data capture (CDC) from multiple data sources (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, mainframe and more) to the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform continuously. Attunity Replicate helps customers avoid the heavy lifting of manually extracting data, transferring via API/script, chopping, staging, and importing

Key benefits of Attunity Replicate are quick and easy setup, CDC, data integrity with check mechanisms, monitoring for peace of mind, control and auditing, and secure data delivery with industry-standard SSL encryption

Attunity Compose

Attunity Compose automates the data pipeline to create analytics-ready data in Databricks Delta.  All necessary transformation logic is generated and pushed down to Spark for processing as data flows through the pipeline – from ingest, to schema generation, continuous updates, and provisioning data sets including Operational Data Stores (ODS) and Historical Data Stores (HDS) – with no manual coding.


"Attunity provides a great complement to our Databricks Unified Analytics Platform by delivering a wide variety of transactional data sources in real-time and at massive scale directly into Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Building machine learning models requires data teams to iterate on data. Attunity solutions ensure that data teams are using the most up-to-date data possible."

Pankaj Dugar,
Vice President of ISV & Technology Partners at Databricks

“We expect that Attunity’s latest solutions for data lakes and data warehouses on Microsoft Azure will successfully enable both real-time integration and the automation of what could traditionally be a manual and complex process. We look forward to continuing our work together to accelerate delivery of analytics-ready data on Azure for enterprises looking to gain better business insights more quickly and easily.”

Daniel Yu,
Director, Azure Data & AI Marketing, Microsoft

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