Attunity delivers solutions that help enterprises modernize their data centers by streaming data from > 40 sources to Apache Kafka® and Confluent in real-time

Production databases fuel many of the most compelling and actionable Apache Kafka® enabled analytics use cases, ranging from real-time customer predictions to supply chain optimization to operational reporting. As Kafka architectures grow, they can become complex as data teams start to configure clusters for redundancy, partitions for performance, and consumer groups for correlated analytics processing. Attunity solutions automate the process to prepare streams for Kafka and Confluent Platform.

Attunity unlocks the value of data from over 40 sources

Attunity Replicate is a fully automated software solution that provides an efficient way to bring real-time data from mainframes, iSeries, SAP and modern RDBMS; covering over 40 unique sources into a real-time modern analytics environment, leveraging its change data capture (CDC) technology. Architects and DBAs can easily configure any major database to publish to Kafka, flexibly supporting one-to-many architectures, automated data type mapping and comprehensive metadata integration. Attunity Replicate provides low-latency and low-impact data integration for databases to continuously extract and source data efficiently and deliver those changes to Kafka and Confluent Platform.

Confluent Platform makes Kafka enterprise-ready

The Confluent Platform is the only enterprise stream platform built entirely on Kafka that makes implementing, managing and deploying an enterprise streaming platform with Kafka easy, reliable, secure and auditable. It brings your mainframe data into a modern analytics environment while providing key services to make the open-source Kafka software truly enterprise-ready

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