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Hot News from Attunity!

Attunity Launches Streaming Data Pipeline Solution for Data Lakes on Amazon Web Services

On November 26 we announced a new solution, Attunity for Data Lakes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to automate streaming data pipelines on AWS. The offering is designed to support streaming real-time data from major enterprise databases, mainframes, and applications such as SAP, to accelerate near real-time analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. Click here to read the press release.


Visit our booth #735 in Orlando to see a live demo!

We’ll also be demonstrating our real-time data integration solution, Attunity Replicate, and our data warehouse automation solution, Attunity Compose. Learn more here.


Watch the Video Below to Learn How Attunity Helps You Operate at the Speed of Change:



Re:Inventing the Data Lake
By Clive Bearman

Our work began about 18 months ago when we started to hear stories from our customers about the current state of data lake technology. At the time, many were using Attunity Replicate to ingest and update data in their lakes. And while many customers had tremendous success running data lakes on AWS for new analytics initiatives, virtually all were experiencing growing pains as their implementations matured. Many had simply “hit the wall” when it came to data lake operational productivity and most lakes were teetering on the edge of becoming swamps. Read more.


AI and Automation 2019 Predictions from Forrester
By Gil Press

It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future, but we can be certain that “AI Washing” will continue to rise and flourish in 2019. That’s what market research firm Forrester calls the hype and hooplah around Artificial Intelligence (AI), the latest set of technologies that is promising to “change the world.” In its 2019 predictions, Forrester tries to temper the “irrational exuberance for AI adoption” with a dose of reality, looking forward by observing how companies automate their work today while experimenting with adding intelligence—artificial and human—to analyzing data and making decisions. Read more.


Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka with Attunity Replicate
By Kevin Petrie
It’s no secret that the ultra-low latency, highly scalable, distributed Apache Kafka data streaming platform has ushered in a new era of real-time data integration, processing and analytics. With Kafka, enterprises can address new advanced analytics use cases and extract more value from more data. They are implementing Kafka, often based on the Confluent platform, and streaming alternatives such as Amazon Kinesis and Azure Event Hub to enable data lake streaming ingestion, complex message queues with many data end points, microservices data-sharing, and pre-processing for machine learning. Read more. 


Attunity Receives Multiple Honors in 2018

Attunity Honored with Three Industry Awards Recognizing It as a Top Data Integration Company
Learn why Attunity was selected three times as one of the solution providers that have the big impact on the enterprise.  Learn more.

Attunity Recognized for Data Integration Leadership with Two Industry Awards
We were included DBTA’s 100 companies that matter most in data and InsideBIGData’s Impact 50 List. Learn more.

Attunity Replicate Wins Best Change Data Capture (CDC) Solution in 2018 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards
Attunity does CDC right. Learn more

Attunity Named by Gartner as a Challenger in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools for Third Consecutive Year
Find out who is in this Gartner Report and why Attunity is a Challenger.  Learn more.

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