Several trends in the enterprise have IT and BI teams looking to apply increasing levels of automation to the creation and operation of data warehouses. Rising data volumes and accelerating business change requests have strained the limits and practicality of traditional approaches that depend on manual scripting and narrowly focused ETL tools. Budget pressures are also spurring interest in data warehouse automation, as a means to reduce dependency on talented programmers.

Intensified business competition and the resulting adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies are additional drivers for data warehouse automation, as enterprises seek to respond more rapidly to fast-changing business requirements.

For many of today's data-driven enterprises, the solution to these data warehousing challenges comes from Attunity, the leading innovator in data integration and data warehouse automation software.

Full-Lifecycle Data Warehouse Automation from Attunity

Attunity Compose is an innovative data warehouse automation offering that reduces the complexity, cost, and labor involved in managing all aspects of the data warehouse lifecycle:

  • Design flexibility. Attunity data warehouse automation empowers data architects to easily apply data driven or model driven approaches through an intuitive and guided graphical interface. For model driven approaches, users have the option of importing existing models or creating new models.
  • ETL code auto-generation. Based on user-specified requirements, Attunity DWH automation automatically generates the necessary ETL code to load and manage data warehouses.
  • Bulk loading. Attunity Compose integrates with Attunity Replicate to load data from any major database source (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and so on) into any major data warehouse target (Teradata, Exadata, AWS Redshift, and so on) with centralized monitoring of all replication tasks through the Attunity Replicate console.
  • Real-time CDC. Data warehouse automation with Attunity Compose includes log-based change data capture technology that enables real time data warehousing without any need to install agents or put processing load on your data source systems.
  • Data mart creation. Use the Attunity Compose dart mart automation wizard to quickly spin up a data mart with your desired star schema and fact and dimension tables.

Data Warehouse Automation Benefits for Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprises that use Attunity for data warehouse automation have benefited from:

  • Sharply reducing the time, costs, and complexity associated with implementing data warehouses and data marts
  • Reducing dependence on over-extended development teams and giving greater control to data architects and analysts, thereby increasing the agility of enterprise data warehousing and analytics

Learn more about Attunity Compose for data warehouse design and creation.

Learn more about Attunity Replicate for bulk and real-time data replication.

Start a free trial of Attunity Replicate Express.

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