While cloud solutions and infrastructure offer extraordinary benefits to the enterprise, data migration to cloud platforms presents significant challenges to IT organizations.

Transferring vast amounts of information to the cloud can place great strain on source systems. When cloud data migration is inefficient and time-consuming, network bandwidth may be impacted, and data migration can take an unacceptably long period of time. Security of data is always at risk during transferand the complexity of data migration to cloud infrastructure can add significant burden to IT departments if the data migration plan includes excessive coding and complicated tools.

To streamline data migration to cloud platforms, IT teams need powerful migration solutions that can accelerate migration, protect data and simplify what is data migration's most complex challenge: transferring data from multiple sources to multiple targets.

Simplify data migration to cloud platforms with Attunity.

Attunity helps to speed cloud migrations and enable analytics with simple, real-time and secure data migration to cloud solutions.

Atunity simplifies data migration to cloud platforms by providing an intuitive, web-based console that administrators can use to configure, control and monitor tasks across all sources and targets. With Attunity, IT administrators don't need a deep understanding of the environment or coding requirements – they can simply execute initial data loads and then transition automatically to continuous CDC for instant updates.

Additional benefits of Attunity include:

  • Accelerated migration. Attunity compresses, encrypts and transfers data in parallel streams to complete data migration to cloud platforms more quickly.
  • Centralized control and global visibility. Through a single pane of glass, administrators can manage tasks across thousands of endpoints and monitor data migration to cloud platforms from sources throughout the organization.
  • Secure transfer. Attunity ensures data integrity and secures transfer with AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Performance optimization. Attunity's optimized data transfer technology ensures a more efficient data migration to cloud platforms over wide area networks.
  • Reduced impact and zero downtime. Log-based CDC technology enables continuous replication to avoid downtime and minimize impact on source database systems.

Universal support for data migration to cloud platforms

With Attunity, organizations can migrate data from multiple data sources, including all major data warehouses, RDBMS and mainframe systems. And Attunity enables organizations to easily migrate to Azure SQL database and warehouse, Google Cloud SQL and to AWS, RDS databases and Amazon Redshift.

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