Thousands of customers worldwide, across industries, rely on Attunity products every day for their big data integration initiatives.


The American Cancer Society uses “Fast, Fresh & Better” data transferred using Attunity Replicate into Teradata.

Using Attunity Replicate and the Hortonworks Data Platform, the Global Technology Services (GTS) at Verizon was able to centralize real-time data into a data lake for reporting and analytics projects.

Swiss Life France uses Attunity Replicate to enable its Vision 360 initiative, a real-time view of customer data, for sales people, agents & customers.

Mercedes-Benz USA uses Attunity Gold Client to pull master data separately from transactional data to save 25 man-days annually on Q/A refreshes.

Pfizer uses Attunity Visibility to provide DW/BI activity & data usage analytics to reduce costs, improve SLAs and ensure trusted usage of info.

Philips Healthcare uses Attunity CloudBeam to transform and transfer data sets as large as 35 million records to Amazon Redshift in just 90 minutes.

Union Bank deploys Attunity Visibility to identify dormant data & the most expensive processing; as well as monitor data usage without system degradation.

Avid uses Attunity Gold Client to quickly and efficiently target and replicate required SAP data to a non-production system for better reporting.

Etix saved months of dev effort and almost $250K over 3 years by using Attunity to move data into Amazon Redshift for real-time analytics.

Poly-Wood, LLC uses Attunity Compose to streamline DW creation to support continued business growth and eliminate many hours of IT labor.

Cardinal Health uses Attunity Replicate to move real-time data to the Amazon Cloud, where they consume the data in Kafka to perform analytics to identify new ways of improving services for their customers.

GDF SUEZ overcame the difficulty of scheduling its SAP Production System maintenance by using Attunity Gold Client to provide continuous data access.

Glidewell Dental took only 6 months using Attunity CloudBeam to move data into Amazon Redshift and enable rapid self-service analytics.

InDemand saved over $500K and delivered throughput of two GB per second by using Attunity CloudBeam to load data into Amazon EC2 for storage.

Miller Insurance Services uses Attunity Replicate to deliver current data to business users, improving their satisfaction & reducing IT overtime.

LeaseHawk using Attunity CloudBeam, replicated Oracle data across on-premises and Amazon RDS (reducing refresh time from 14 hours to <15 seconds).

MarketLive uses Attunity CloudBeam to automate near real-time replication of production data from on-premises Oracle to Amazon EC2.

Brown-Forman which acquired Casa Herradura, a renowned tequila producer, uses Gold Client to create an SAP production client for business transactions.

Using Attunity Replicate’s change data capture (CDC) technology, Live! Casino & Hotel is able to load SQL data in near real-time to their Teradata enterprise data warehouse (EDW) so that they can analyze their data in near real-time.

Fanatics leverages Attunity CloudBeam to accelerate data ingest from its heterogeneous on-premises data sources to a data lake in the AWS cloud.

Northrup Grumman said they saved so much time and resources using Attunity Gold Client (to create an isolated SAP environment), that it paid for itself immediately.

DomainPower saved months of development work loading and syncing real-time Microsoft SQL Server data to Amazon Redshift using Attunity.

The State of New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT) uses Attunity Visibility to resolve query performance issues and gain previously unavailable detailed data usage insight.

Fanzz uses Attunity Replicate, high-performance data replication software, to accelerate the distribution of data for business operations and analytics.

SM Retail used Attunity Replicate and HPE Vertica platform to achieve a 400-500% improvement in ETL to enable data availability for decision making.

Smart Modular uses Attunity Replicate to access and integrate 10 years of ERP system data for real-time reporting requested by the business and customers.

Colmobil uses Attunity Gold Client software to rapidly copy data subsets to test environments, scrambling key data along the way for security.

Tangerine Bank works with Attunity Replicate and Microsoft APS, to access real-time customer data so they can respond quickly to their customers’ needs.

University of Maryland University College uses Attunity CloudBeam to move 10 TB to Amazon Redshift so they can use the combined data for analytics.

Couchsurfing transformed three full months of data loading into just three hours using Attunity CloudBeam to transfer their data to Amazon Redshift.

Veritix uses Attunity CloudBeam to quickly and easily integrate hundreds of millions of records into Amazon Redshift for real-time analytics.

Wellcare uses Attunity Replicate to offload data from its SQL Server and Oracle systems into Pivotal Greenplum and Hortonworks for real-time reporting.

Dolby Laboratories uses Attunity Gold Client to create an automatically refreshed environment to valídate critical data generated by Vistex agreements.

Dentegra uses Attunity Replicate as their enterprise platform for making real-time data available for operations and analytics.

Wombat Security Technologies uses Attunity CloudBeam to migrate half a billion records from Amazon Redshift to Amazon RDS, quickly and efficiently.

NGP VAN uses Attunity Replicate to migrate data to the cloud and is helping to change the future.

IHS Markit uses Attunity Gold Client to enhance SAP user experience with secure, accurate test data access.

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