Working with Data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse Just Got Even More Compelling


Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse (ADW), is a fully managed cloud data warehouse for enterprises of any size that combines lightning-fast query performance with industry-leading data security. Cloud data warehouses like ADW provide a way to avoid large capital expenditures, provision quickly, and provide performance at scale for advanced analytic queries in the enterprise.ADW is breaking new ground with price-performance as revealed with recent GigaOm benchmarks. Price and performance are critical points of interest for organizations when it comes to selecting an analytics platform, because they impact total cost of ownership. This is great news for organizations who want to work with a modern data warehouse solution for their analytical workloads.

Attunity + Microsoft: A Perfect Combination

Attunity has partnering closely with Microsoft for over 20 years to help our customers with their data-led business transformations. Attunity solutions such as Attunity Replicate and Attunity Compose are making it easy for enterprises to modernize their data environments on the Microsoft Data Platform.

Attunity Replicate and Attunity Compose Diagram

Attunity Replicate for Real-Time Data Movement to Azure

Real-time analytics requires your data warehouse to have timely data available, based on a continuous and efficient data acquisition process. Attunity Replicate integrates data in real-time to Azure SQL Data Warehouse using change data capture (CDC) technology across the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets. Attunity Replicate helps load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate and synchronize data on premises and across cloud or hybrid environment so that you can:

    • Achieve high throughput and low latency
  • Move data at scale
  • Monitor hundreds of tasks through a single console
  • Reduce impact on source systems with log-based CDC

Attunity Replicate for Microsoft Migrations is a special, no cost offering for Microsoft customers to help migrate data from popular databases to the Microsoft Data Platform. Learn more here.

Attunity Replicate for Microsoft Migrations Today!

Attunity and Microsoft recently ran a webinar titled “Migrate Data from IBM Netezza to Microsoft Azure” that described how you can move data from IBM Netezza to Azure SQL Data Warehouse using Attunity Replicate. To watch the webinar, click here. Or, to just watch the demo portion of the webinar, click here.

Attunity Compose for Data Warehouse Automation

Attunity Compose automatically generates ETL code and helps data architects rapidly configure and manage data warehouses like ADW. Attunity Compose dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of business intelligence (BI) projects. Key operational capabilities include:

  • Workflow Designer and Scheduler. Run all data warehouse and data mart ETL tasks as a single, end-to-end process. Schedule the execution of workflows to align with business and IT processes.
  • Lineage and Impact Analysis. Automatically create metadata during design phases or implementation. Re-generate data lineage when changes are implemented.
  • Monitoring and Notification. Monitor the status of all automatically generated tasks and workflows. Send proactive status alerts.
  • Data Profiling. Validate data before it is loaded by identifying and repairing format issues and discrepancies.
  • Data Quality. Configure and enforce pre-loading rules to automatically discover and remediate issues with values, formats, data ranges, duplicates, etc., while also implementing exception policies.

Attunity Compose Diagram

Poly-Wood, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, used Attunity Compose to streamline data warehouse creation to support continued business growth and eliminate many hours of IT labor. Says René Valencourt, Software and Data Architect at Poly-Wood, LLC, “After researching several data warehouse automation tools, we found Attunity Compose, which leverages a visual and model-based approach, to be the right choice. Using this solution, we have saved and will continue to save significant time and resources, enabling us to re-focus on higher value initiatives that directly and positively affect our bottom line.” And, Sean Rassi, Vice President of Design and Technology at Poly-Wood, adds, “Having real-time and historical data in front of employees, customers, and investors at the moment that questions arise is invaluable. Thanks to Attunity Compose, our ability to make decisions faster and more effectively has increased at least tenfold.”

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