Watch and Learn: Attunity is Changing Data Integration


Attunity is changing data integration. We’ve got a new video that explains how we’re doing that. Here is our story, interspersed with proof points about customer results.

Data is the number one asset for businesses as they win customers, increase revenue and improve operations. The ability to analyze the right data at the right time and place is a critical enabler of success.

With Big Data and cloud technologies, the opportunity glean value from data is greater than ever … but it is also far more challenging.

  • The first challenge is scale and diversity. Because, data comes from hundreds or thousands of heterogeneous sources, ingesting it into analytic platforms in a manageable, timely, and cost-efficient manner can be difficult.
  • The second challenge is timeliness. The fresher the data … the more value it generates. But capturing data as it changes … and feeding it into the analytic process … is complex and expensive.
  • The third challenge is the ability to appropriately transform data. To be useful, data needs to be organized to support your analytic needs … but for many, this process is manual and requires significant development time and resources.

Traditional data integration tools cannot address these modern challenges. They are complex, expensive, and often use outdated architectures.

Attunity can help. We are changing data integration. The world’s largest enterprises use our universal data platform to integrate data across all major sources and targets… leverage real-time data … and build adaptable and hybrid architectures.

At the core of our offerings is Attunity Replicate software. It’s a universal platform for data ingestion, replication, and change data capture. You can replicate, load, ingest, and stream data across many heterogeneous systems, including SAP, and scale to thousands of sources.

Getting data continuously in real-time and reducing manual development efforts means that you always have the right data … in the right place … at the right time.

Here’s the evidence:

  • Swiss Life France aggregates data from multiple DB2 z/OS systems into an Oracle database that underlies an ElasticSearch engine to create a unified “Vision 360” view for salespeople, customer service and customers. “Without Attunity, we could not have done the project since it would have been too costly for us in terms of development work,” says Christian Phan-Trong, Architecture Director. “We would have been forced to give up on our real-time data propagation requirement.”
  • After weeks of frustrated manual attempts, Philips used Attunity CloudBeam (the AWS Marketplace version of Attunity Replicate) to load 37 million records to Amazon Redshift in one hour.

It’s time to change your expectations of what data integration software can do for your business. It’s time to get more value from more of your data … and do it faster and with less effort than how you operate today.

Attunity has earned the trust of over 2,000 customers worldwide … including many of the Fortune 100 … and manages strategic partnerships with all the data platform leaders. Watch the video and read our whitepaper to learn what Attunity software can do for you today.

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