CIOs Highlight the Eight Biggest Opportunities for Analytics


The CIO role is constantly evolving. The diversity of skills required to succeed is vastly different than in past years. Keeping this in mind, how can you stay on top of the latest trends outside your company walls, while also solving some of the most complex organizational challenges?

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conducted its 9th annual State of CIO Survey to help answer this question. In the survey, all 50 state CIOs identified key themes imposing on the state technology landscape, such as the continued evolution of the CIO role, and the disruption of new digital technologies.

Responsibilities of the CIO today typically precede the analytics process, but all CIOs have some type of analytics related to their role. The 50 respondents of the survey ranked their eight biggest opportunities for analytics as they relate to their day-to-day:

  1. 54% – data-driven policy making
  2. 14% – surfacing insights from the data or insight enabling capabilities
  3. 10% – transparency and accountability to citizens
  4. 6% – ability to create dashboards and meaningful reports
  5. 4% – ease of combining data from multiple sources
  6. 4% – workforce-planning analytics
  7. 4% – performance-based budgeting
  8. 4% – low code or no code capabilities that can be employed by front-line staff to explore data and surface insights that influence decision-making

These results confirm that the CIO is mostly focused on governing, preparing, organizing, and securing the data rather than participating in deep analytics processes themselves. However, CIOs clearly see the value of data management and decision making. As they uncover best practices for managing their organization’s data, they are also thinking of ways to scale these processes across the business.

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