Strengthening Data Integration Across Modern, Complex Environments


The ongoing shift to modern analytics architectures, based on cloud, data lake and streaming technologies, requires rigorous advances in data transfer and transformation. We are pleased to announce our latest software releases, now generally available, that empower you to stay ahead of the curve, delivering more analytics-ready data to your business users.

Attunity Replicate 6.4, your enterprise platform for automated, real-time data replication, now integrates more deeply with cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments. You can:

  • Load data in parallel streams to Azure ADLS for higher throughput
  • Replicate data from a Azure SQL Server managed instance as a source
  • Load/stream data to Hortonworks (Cloudera) on AWS S3
  • Load/stream data to Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

Additional capabilities in Attunity Replicate 6.4 include:

  • Extract data in parallel from DB2 z/OS source
  • Export metadata to the Hortonworks (Cloudera) schema registry for Kafka as a target.
  • Administrators can now restrict user actions with a non-sysadmin role for SQL Server sources and gain multi-layered security by storing Attunity Replicate credentials in an external vault.
  • Attunity is also beta-testing two additional, critical enhancements: low-impact log-based change data capture for SAP HANA sources, and data validation checks (i.e., comparing source and target datasets) via Attunity Enterprise Manager 6.4.

In short, Attunity Replicate continues to provide you with a powerful but easy to use, zero-footprint, real-time data integration across the broadest range of end points in the industry, staying ahead of your rising requirements and integrating with your increasingly polyglot environments.

As we all know, data delivery for analytics does not stop with replication. To further accelerate the path to analytics readiness, we offer Attunity Compose in two flavors:

Attunity Compose for Data Warehouses v6.4 has now added support for Snowflake on AWS and Azure. We also have strengthened the security of Attunity Compose for Data Warehouses with granular access controls and the ability to set permissions by hierarchy levels/objects. Finally, improved support for CA Erwin means users can import physical models in addition to logical models.

Attunity Replicate 6.4 Sources and Targets Diagram

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