SAP HANA Needn’t Cost as Much as You Think


So, you have decided to make the move over to SAP HANA. You have looked up the size of your current SAP production database which shows 5TB in storage is needed. You know you need a Dev and QA to go with it and QA will need a number of clients to support your multiple testing cycle hurdles, as well as a training environment. You ask for the quote for the hardware for your shiny new HANA in memory database. Then, the smile leaves your face and you start to wonder how you can justify that level of expenditure. You are probably thinking that there is a natural compression when you move to HANA. That’s true, but it is might not be the figures that SAP originally quoted. Conservatively, I am touting 5:1, but I’ve heard from prospects in Germany that their compression ratios came in at 3:1 and 2:1!

Attunity Gold Client DiagramA strategy you should carefully consider is to cut down the size of the hardware needed to run your HANA database. This is not an archiving strategy and is not a compromise arrangement where you need to limit the number of working clients you need. You keep the same three-tier landscape and you keep the same number of clients you have today or add more.

Attunity Gold Client is a software solution that should be part of your strategy to when buying HANA. Attunity Gold Client offers a cost effective solution that helps you save money on hardware while giving your business users the extra capability of a HANA based SAP system.

The following example assumes you have a typical three-tier landscape: a 1TB production SAP system (once moved to HANA), only two clients in QA for testing and training and a client in Dev. Assuming a full copy as you set up your environment This would add up to a 4TB of in memory hardware needed. With Attunity Gold Client, the same landscape above would require only 2TB of in-memory hardware which would save you over 2TB of in-memory hardware.

My last 18 years of experience in the SAP arena suggests that most customers have or would have more clients given the option, but to prove the value of the savings on offer, the example above has only a conservative number of clients.

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar and find out how Attunity Gold Client can reduce infrastructure costs rolling out SAP HANA.


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