SAP: An Unexpected Journey


In his blog last week, Matt Hayes spoke of the complexity in the SAP data model, and how it has grown out of necessity with advancements in hardware and database designs such as SAP HANA. And while the future of SAP Simple is exciting, today’s complexity often presents unexpected challenges.

Avid, one of Attunity’s latest customers, creates technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. With a long a history of innovation in digital video and audio, the commitment to innovation carries though at all levels of the corporation, as shown by their SAP team.

Avid Data Sheet Image

Avid was faced with a critical business driven reporting project that required complex and repetitive data models be created from data across multiple applications. With some of the data migrations taking two weeks to run, the impact on the systems was going to be daunting and the SAP team was certainly looking at a long, challenging and unexpected journey. However, having just implemented Attunity’s Gold Client Solutions, they recognized the power and flexibility the software provides.

Using Gold Client Solutions, Avid’s SAP team was able to quickly target and replicate, at will, the required nonstandard SAP data to a non-production system. This removed the demand and impact off the production system, yet still provided true and accurate reporting required by the business. Avid reduced the journey of limiting production impact with mass amounts of time and effort, to a quick walk in the park with Gold Client Solutions.

Avid will be discussing this project in person Tuesday night, during Attunity’s Appreciation Networking celebration at the Microsoft New England Conference Center in Cambridge, MA.

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