Publishers Clearing House Performs Large-scale Analytics Using MapR and Attunity Solutions


Publishers Clearing House, a leading interactive media company offering a broad range of products, digital entertainment and services to consumers is moving large volumes of data on a DB2 mainframe environment to a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective platform to perform large-scale analytics. The company, whose success is built on its unique mix of free-to-play games, sweepstakes, and value-packed offers, chose the MapR Converged Data Platform as their data platform and Attunity Replicate to synchronize their real-time data lake with their mainframe transactional system. The result? They began realizing more value from their data right away. And, are now using Attunity Replicate to move non-marketing data into the platform to gather more business intelligence from that.

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) runs critical marketing campaign applications on mainframe systems. Analyzing this data by directly querying the mainframe was becoming complex and costly. So, Gino Kelmenson, Director of Enterprise Data Systems at Publishers Clearing House, and Ravi Jannu, Big Data Lead at Publishers Clearing House, began to look for a way to move their data to another platform for analytics quickly, easily and affordably.

After some research, the PCH team selected the MapR Converged Platform as their data platform. As part of building the PCH Hadoop Data Lake (HDL) on the MapR platform, they selected Attunity Replicate software to offload mainframe data without incurring the complexity and expense that come with sending ongoing queries into mainframe database and delivering that data for analytics.

MapR and Attunity Working Together

PCH MapR Attunity Architecture Diagram

“The combined solution helped in reducing the development cycle at the same time limit the impact on source systems. Attunity provides a secure, end-to-end replication solution with change data capture across mainframes, data logs and the rest of the environment, along with an elaborate graphical user interface. And MapR is the best data platform for enterprises like us. MapR seamlessly provides data-driven insights drawing from many disparate data sources in a fast, reliable and secure environment.”

— Gino Kelmenson, Director of Enterprise Data Systems, Publishers Clearing House

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