Managing the Modern Data Warehouse


This is the first in a series of blogs that examine how Fortune 500 companies use Attunity Visibility to manage their data more effectively.  Part One tells the story of a multinational pharmaceutical firm.

Pharmaceutical companies face a lot of pressure from a lot of directions – competitors, customers and regulators.  Every decision, whether it relates to R&D, FDA applications or the release and promotion of a new drug, must be grounded on data.

As we met with this global pharmaceutical company and learned about their requirements, we got an appreciation of what those pressures mean to an IT department.  They manage a shared services environment with more than a petabyte of data and over 150 database instances.  Multiple business lines pound their data warehouses, continuously demanding more data, faster.  Users and data volumes are expected to grow 50% to 80% annually.  Needless to say, their budget and staff was not.

The IT team knew it could not meet these demands with their current usage patterns, infrastructure and budget.  The status quo was unsustainable.  We could feel the frustration, because we all knew nothing could change without more intelligence about what was really happening in their environment.

Just like its business users, this IT team needed metrics.  They needed to understand how different lines of business were using data, their impact on the data warehouse, and the resulting utilization of specific data sets.  Only with this intelligence could IT make the right decisions about how to prioritize resources and secure and manage their budget.

They decided to use Attunity Visibility to gain these insights.  IT now maps BI and data warehouse usage to business units and departments, measures usage by user and data set, and generates regular reports to support their decisions.  They build and track internal KPIs based on business activity metrics to justify current investments and plan for future growth.  They are able to tier their data platforms by usage, off-loading less critical tables to more economical story, and better satisfy auditor inquires by tracking usage of sensitive PHI data.

We believe the CIO of today’s Fortune 2000 Company, in any industry, is being forced to become more like a CFO.  They need to measure their resources and usage patterns with more and precision in order to scale without breaking the bank.  That’s why we’re excited to provide Visibility software that helps take them down this path.

To learn more about how Visibility can help your organization, check out our Attunity Visibility Chargeback video here or watch it below:



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