Major New Release of the Attunity Modern Data Integration Platform Launched at Strata Data NYC


Attunity launched a major new release of our Modern Data Integration Platform at the Strata Data conference in New York City. This new release is designed to address the rapidly-evolving needs of modern analytics and data management initiatives. It includes Attunity Replicate 6.0 along with new versions of Attunity Compose for Hive and Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM) and offers expanded capabilities that enable large-scale data pipeline automation across the cloud, data lakes and streaming enterprise architectures.

Jordan Martz at Strata NYC

So, what’s new? The Attunity 6.0 Data Integration Platform now offers:

  • Expanded cloud data integration for migration and analytics including Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, and Snowflake cloud data warehouse
  • Performance optimizations for Hadoop data ingestion, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Accelerated delivery of data pipelines to enable analytics-ready Hadoop data lakes with automated generation of metadata, schemas and transformations for Hive-based operational and historical data stores
  • Universal database stream generation delivering a stream of changes from all major enterprise databases into leading streaming platforms including Apache Kafka, Confluent, Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure Event Hub, and MapR Streams
  • Streaming metadata integration to enable schema evolution with JSON and AVRO formatted messages
  • Enhanced central management scaling to control and monitor thousands of tasks, as well as ensure resiliency and recovery
  • Secure management of large scale data pipelines with global role-based access control and auditing
  • Operational metadata creation and management with new central repository shared across the Attunity platform and with third-party tools for easy access and cross-collaboration
  • Microservices API provides expanded REST and .NET APIs designed for invoking and managing Attunity platform services
  • AEM Analytics now provide ad-hoc and trend analysis on system resource utilization as well as performance monitoring of Attunity data flows to optimize large-scale data lake environments

Itamar Ankorion, Attunity CMO, discussed the new release with John Furrier and Peter Burris at BigData NYC 2017 on theCUBE.

Dan Potter, Attunity VP of Product Management and Marketing, spoke with Eric Kavanagh of the Bloor Group about the launch as well.

Stay tuned for some great videos that we took at the Strata show that feature our customers and business partners. And, to learn more about our new release, head to the What’s New page on

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