Live! Casino & Hotel Gets Integrated View of the Business with Attunity and Teradata


Casino Hotel Maryland Uses Attunity Replicate
Using Attunity Replicate’s change data capture (CDC) technology, Live! Casino & Hotel is able to load SQL data in near real-time to their Teradata enterprise data warehouse (EDW) so that they can analyze their data in near real-time. The results? Cost savings. Greater efficiency. And, an enhanced experience for their guests.

About Live! Casino & Hotel

Casino Hotel Maryland Uses Attunity ReplicateLocated mid-way between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Live! Casino & Hotel is the #1 tourist destination in Maryland with three million-square-feet of retail, entertainment and commercial space, attracting more than 14 million guests per year. This successful business wanted to do more to ensure that their guests were catered to when they were on the property, but were unable to make timely, relevant offers for them because they couldn’t identify trends in their business while they were happening. At best, their business intelligence was a day behind their business. They knew that by not being able to perform analytics in near real-time, they were missing additional touch points with their guests.

The Situation

Prior to implementing the new solution, Live! Casino & Hotel had a cumbersome and inefficient process to make data available for analytics. The process required a full backup of the operational

database system in order to load data on a reporting server. Then the tables were loaded into Teradata, where they performed a comparison between the previous load of the tables and the new snapshot in order to determine what was new or changed. The entire process took approximately four hours end-to-end which meant that by the time the data was analyzed, opportunities to engage guests had passed since they were no longer on property.

The Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration team set out to find a solution that could load the data continuously and they settled on Attunity Replicate, data replication software with change data capture (CDC). With Attunity Replicate, they could pull information quickly from their production gaming system without impacting server resources in order to drive near real-time offers and analytics.

Organizational Impact

Live! Casino & Hotel has been able to cater to all guests by using data-in-motion via Attunity Replicate combined with the historical data-at-rest in the Teradata EDW. They have been able to add operational alerts for employees around the property to notify them of events that require their attention. And, they have been able to create another watchful eye on the business which has allowed to better serve their guests and employees.

Technology Architecture Impact

The Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration team at Live! Casino & Hotel was in a position where they had to spend thousands of dollars on consultants who had built the solution with SQL Server and Teradata that took approximately 4 hours to export data so that they could perform a comparison between data versions to determine changes. Once they switched to Attunity Replicate for real-time data integration, they lowered costs by eliminating the need for extensive use of expensive consultants, saved storage space on their hardware, and achieved multiple efficiencies with a near real-time environment. And, most important, they were able to leverage real-time data to better serve their guests.


The team at Live! Casino & Hotel found an efficient way to better serve their guests using real-time in the Teradata EDW. By leveraging Attunity Replicate’s CDC capabilities, their data latency is now under a minute. They’ve eliminated an inefficient process that was taking them hours to generate data for analysis that was over a day old. The simple process leverages Teradata Utilities; requires little monitoring and resources; and has helped them provide additional value for their guests.

Learn More

To learn more, add Nate Helwagen’s presentation about “Attunity Replicate and the Real-Time Warehouse” on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM at the Teradata Partners conference to your agenda.

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