Introducing Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift – a breakthrough in automating and accelerating data warehousing and ETL in the cloud!


Today, Attunity is thrilled to announce the availability of Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift, a new and innovative solution for automating and accelerating data warehousing and ETL in the AWS cloud!

Today, Attunity is thrilled to announce the availability of Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift, a new and innovative solution for automating and accelerating data warehousing and ETL in the AWS cloud!

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We are excited about this unique offering, not only for what it means for our customers, but also for the market as a whole. The new solution breaks through the traditionally complex and time-consuming ETL and data warehousing process with automation, helping enterprises reduce the manual coding typically required to design and load data warehouses in a cloud architecture. As an Advanced Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Attunity will showcase this new solution live this week at the AWS re:Invent 2016 conference in Las Vegas. If you plan to attend, be sure to visit us in Booth 2240.

Attunity Compose for Redshift Call-out BoxAs was outlined in today’s press release, the cloud has quickly become a platform for analytics and data warehousing, seeing significant growth as customers look to leverage its elasticity and potential cost-efficiencies. Amazon Redshift, an AWS cloud data warehousing service supporting thousands of customers, is being adopted as an alternative or addition to on-premises data warehouses. Customers can benefit from the ability to deploy and scale Amazon Redshift easily, but some may want a faster process of building their data warehouse as well as developing the code required to populate it with data to support analytics. With its data warehouse automation technology, Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift offers a new approach that is designed to enable enterprises to accelerate the data warehousing process and reduce the development resources required to support it.

Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Analyst of Eckerson Group, explains the market need further: “The pace of business change requires an agile analytics platform to accelerate and empower customer, competitive and operational decisions. Attunity Compose eliminates the need for an ETL tool by generating all the code that ETL developers would otherwise need to script. The solution also runs the extract, load, and transformation jobs and logs all activity. Enterprises that require a model-driven DWA approach with built-in change data capture will appreciate Attunity Compose for Redshift.”

Available in AWS Marketplace, Attunity Compose for Amazon Redshift uniquely provides:

  • Automated design and deployment of data warehouse models based on industry best practices
  • Automated generation of ETL code to populate data warehouses and data marts
  • Real-time data warehousing with continuous change data capture (CDC)
  • Optimized integration with many types of data sources, on-premises and in the cloud

Itamar Ankorion, Chief Marketing Officer at Attunity, commented, “We are excited to expand our offering and relationship with AWS, delivering an innovative data warehouse automation solution for Amazon Redshift and its large and fast-growing customer base. Building on our success in facilitating data transfer from enterprise data centers to Amazon Redshift, we now enable customers to simplify and accelerate the entire data warehousing process, allowing them to drive value faster by deploying analytics in the cloud.”

For more information, readers can visit the Attunity Compose for Redshift webpage, download the solution sheet, or register for the FREE TRIAL of Attunity Compose for Redshift.

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