International Leader in the Food Industry Accelerates Data Integration Between SAP ERP and Hadoop Data Lake with Attunity Replicate


When an international leader in the food industry needed to merge data from multiple sources, including SAP, into a centralized data lake for analytics, they chose Attunity Replicate for the job.

Many of the world’s largest enterprises run their critical business operations on SAP ERP and CRM applications. These companies benefit from making live production SAP data seamlessly available wherever needed across diverse platforms and hybrid environments. This can be a challenge because SAP systems are comprised of tens of thousands of tables with complex relationships as well as proprietary data formats that make data inaccessible outside of SAP applications.

Today’s companies are looking for ways to deliver live SAP data to platforms such as Hadoop, Kafka, and the cloud in real-time to support decisions that improve operations, optimize customer service, and help them to compete more effectively. Achieving this means delivering live SAP data from multiple modules, technologies and applications to the analytics platform of your choice.

Customer Success Headline

In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, an international leader in the food industry needed to merge data from multiple sources, including SAP, into a centralized data lake for analytics. Their analysts needed continuous access to sales transactions from 500 SAP ERP tables. Their challenge was to decode that data from the complex underlying structures.

They chose Attunity Replicate to continuously load data from the first sales order ERP module into a Hadoop data lake. Business analysts were then able to select and add custom Z tables, including indexed columns. Attunity Replicate accelerated data integration — saving significant time and labor costs.

Other use cases that we’re seeing Attunity customers have are:

Live SAP Data Ingest for Hadoop Data Lakes and Kafka – Integrating SAP data with other data types, potentially from social media, IoT or other sources, within a data lake can yield powerful new insights about customers and operations.

Live SAP Data Ingest and Migration for Cloud Analytics – Secure, low-latency transfer of SAP data across wide area networks opens new possibilities for efficient and innovative analytics.

Enabling Self-Service for Real-Time Business Intelligence – Replicating SAP data real-time into new business intelligence (BI) platforms empowers less-technical, business-oriented users to easily run analytics on SAP and related data sets.

Real-Time Data Warehousing with SAP Application Data – Requires the data warehouse to have timely data available, based on a continuous and efficient data acquisition process. Change data capture (CDC) software can enable enterprises to consolidate SAP data across numerous business operations for such real-time analytics initiatives.

Enabling Universal SAP Data Availability for Analytics

Attunity Replicate rapidly replicates SAP documents, objects, transactions, and system data to any major database, data warehouse or Hadoop platform, on premises or in the cloud. With Attunity Replicate, enterprises gain:

  • Easy access to SAP data. Attunity Replicate offers an intuitive, automated replication interface that supports all core SAP business applications such as ERP (ECC), HR, CRM, industry specific solutions, and custom SAP modules. It decodes complex SAP data structures with metadata for replication and provides automated selection of SAP data with metadata in SAP pool, clustered, custom, and indexed tables. The selected SAP tables are transformed and materialized as physical tables in the replication target. Users can then access SAP data through BI reports that run directly against replicated data with logical naming.

SAP Select Tables Diagram

  • Low administrative overhead. Customers do not need to make programmatic or interface changes when the underlying SAP structures change through upgrades or development activities.
  • Broad heterogeneous target support. Attunity Replicate supports all major databases, data warehouses, mainframes, and Hadoop targets – both on premises or in the cloud. It enables integrated data warehouses by universal accessibility to live SAP data for Hadoop, Kafka, data lakes, and the cloud. Users can realize new analytics value by analyzing SAP data in native target schemas such as Hive, Postgres and Amazon Redshift.
  • Real-time integration with change data capture (CDC) technology. With Attunity Replicate, organizations can continuously update targets with data from SAP systems and other sources, enabling real-time insights.
  • Secure and high-speed cloud data transfer. Attunity Replicate compresses, encrypts, and transfers data in parallel streams into, across, and out of cloud architectures.
  • Low performance impact. By identifying changes within the source logs, Attunity;s CDC technology protects the performance and integrity of production transactions. The CDC process copies updates in the source data or metadata as they occur and applies them to the target endpoint in real-time. Attunity Replicate supports log-based and query-based capture, as well as transactional CDC, batch CDC, data warehouse ingest-merge, and message encoded CDC. No storage is required on the SAP source side, since all transactions and processing are done in-memory via remote function calls.

Attunity Replicate Architecture Diagram

Attunity Replicate Support for SAP Environments

With Attunity Replicate, enterprises can address lucrative new analytics use cases for SAP data. More users and more systems enjoy rapid access to data, since teams no longer must rely so heavily on IT and Dev. IT costs are reduced through end-to-end automation of the replication process. Enterprises – like the international leader in the food industry can improve their decision support, gain new agility and reduce the cost of data management.

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