How an Integrated Data Environment is Helping to Fight Cancer


The American Cancer Society (ACS) faces a monumental but critical task—eliminating cancer. For more than 100 years, ACS has brought together donors, volunteers, programs, and research to save lives and work toward a cancer-free world.

With cancer a global issue, ACS works internationally to host events and extend its mission into every community. Along with its 3 million supporters, ACS helps people get well and stay well, researches cures, and raises awareness. The organization’s vision is to eradicate cancer as a national health problem by the turn of the century. This requires using data and analytics in every facet of the fight. The data serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Finding ways to reduce overhead costs to stretch budgets.
  • Optimizing donor money across research and programs.
  • Providing information on sponsors, logistics, and volunteers to help committees run events.
  • Answering questions and providing information about cancer.
  • Reaching donors and volunteers with appropriate messaging.
  • Connecting research and studies to uncover correlations that could lead to discoveries.

ACS has always placed emphasis on having a cohesive environment for data analytics. When they realized that their previous environment created silos, they opted to combine 13 disparate data marts into one solution. ACS accomplishes this

through its three-pillar IT mantra:

  • Make it fast. Queries must be answered as quickly as possible.
  • Make it fresh. Minimize data latency to have up-to-date information always available.
  • Make it better. Reduce complexity to simplify asking questions of data.

Optimizing Data Integration for Fast Insights

To create this robust environment, ACS chose Attunity Replicate as the solution for continually preparing and transferring data from their customer relationship management (CRM) to their data warehouse. Since Attunity Replicate enables fast data movement across heterogeneous systems and platforms, ACS can now ingest data in batch and in real-time.

This current, integrated view of all organizational data has greatly increased their time-to-analysis. With Attunity and Teradata solutions, 90 percent of ACS’s queries are answered within one minute. On top of that, 20,000 to 30,000 reports are run each month.

In addition to this data integration, Attunity Replicate is also used to move data to their Teradata Cloud environment as part of the ACS disaster recovery plan.

With the newfound ability to scale operations, this environment can meet ACS’s need to constantly ingest new data and studies for analysis. For a more detailed explanation and to learn how Attunity and Teradata can work together seamlessly, read the full America Cancer Society case study.

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