Enabling a Real-Time Data Flow with Attunity and MapR


It’s an exciting time for the Attunity, MapR partnership! Companies around the world are investing significant resources in building a data management engine that works in real-time. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s essential for key stakeholders to access data as it comes in. This constant stream gives companies a complete view of their data environment and allows them to make quick, accurate decisions.

With Attunity and MapR, companies can now build next generation applications in real-time, embedded with machine learning and deeply integrated with streaming applications. This lets engineers create a steady flow of data from their applications without having to create five different data silos and stitch them together afterwards. When it comes to data, time-to-value is an extremely important metric. And, adding these extra steps is keeping companies from reaching their full potential.

Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions at Attunity, recently interviewed Anoop Dawar, MapR’s VP Product Management and Marketing at the Strata conference about how our partnership facilitates this and his future predictions for the industry. Here’s what he had to say:

Along these lines, the market is shifting towards having more confidence in data and companies are making more thoughtful investments in their big data strategy. This makes our partnership with MapR even more influential. Attunity Replicate makes all of these intelligent investments possible.

The most important piece of this cultural shift, however, is the notion, “act locally, learn globally”. This means that companies should be learning from everywhere, taking in data from as many sources as possible to inform their decisions, yet acting on these insights immediately and effectively. Companies shouldn’t have to wait for directions from headquarters on how to proceed with an oil spill that’s about to happen. They need to use preventative data from their other sources to diagnose the problem before it occurs, and act immediately to preemptively fix the issue.

When your team can make decisions with the full picture in mind, they are much more likely to produce a successful outcome. For more information on enabling real-time data streams with Attunity and MapR, click here

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