Calling all “Normal People”. You Can Migrate from Oracle!


This week’s blog was going to be a 2018 review of significant happenings in data world, but then this news dropped. Oracle released its earnings, beat street estimates and then it’s co-founder, executive chairman and chief technology officer Larry Ellison, made this rather curious statement.

“In terms of technology, there is no way that… any normal person would move from an Oracle database to an Amazon database.”

Wow! There’s a lot to unpack in that sentence, but Ellison continued.

(Moving from Oracle to AWS) “is just incredibly expensive and complicated, and you’ve got to be willing to give up tons of reliability, tons of security, tons of performance… Nobody, save maybe Jeff Bezos, gave the command, ‘I want to get off the Oracle database.”

Wow, again. Even more to consider.

Just the Facts

No One Issued an Edict to Get Off Oracle.

Let’s begin by examining Ellison’s claims in reverse order. First, no one gave the command “I want to get off the Oracle database.” A quick Internet search will debunk that claim and here are just a few examples:

It’s Expensive and Complicated.

Is it expensive and complicated? Let’s be honest, a migration to AWS generally isn’t free. However, most costs can be contained by the right choice of target database, migration technology, migration process, and the liberal use of careful planning.

In fact, it can be quite successful. Take the University of Maryland College for example. They set out on an initiative to attract new students by analyzing data and identify patterns that improve student outcomes. This required migrating data from an on-premises Oracle database and combining it with other data into a new cloud datastore on AWS. You can read the full case study here.

Okay, I’ve explained how someone could leverage more cost-effective storage options for innovative initiatives, but what about the complexity of performing data migration? I’d be remiss if I didn’t demonstrate the ease with which you can move Oracle data with Attunity Replicate. The short video below highlights just how quick and easy data replication can be, even for the trickiest of data targets. To further push that point the video shows how to migrate data from Oracle to a Hadoop cluster.

Abnormal People?

By claiming “no normal person” would migrate data off of Oracle is probably the hardest statement to corroborate, since I don’t personally know what constitutes normal. What I can verify is that Amazon claimed at the AWS re:Invent conference in 2018 to have migrated over 100,000 on-premises databases to AWS and I’m sure a proportion of that number moved from Oracle. If each database represents a person and we estimate that 10% came from Oracle then that’s 10,000 abnormal people who chose AWS!

All jokes aside the reality is that there’s really a new normal. Most enterprises have or are considering moving some, or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The interesting fact is that there are now three great choices for public clouds and it’s not unusual to discover companies utilizing one or more clouds simultaneously.

And that’s the new normal for today’s enterprises. Multiple clouds, multiple data stores, and multiple data formats.

Abnormals Unite!

In closing, I urge all the normal, abnormal, and slightly-squiffy folks out there who are looking to migrate their Oracle data to ANY platform to give Attunity a call. We have plenty of knowhow, technology and options to solve your Oracle migration dilemmas. Also, if you want to try Attunity Replicate for yourself, then register here to download a free version. God’s speed to the “no normal people”, you can migrate from Oracle!

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