Today is GDPR compliance day. Are you ready? Attunity’s new GDPR solution can help!


GDPR is now here to stay. Although we’ve had two years to prepare for GDPR, today still came up fast for many of us. However, the potential threat of billion-dollar fines for not complying has many companies rushing to ensure that they’re not caught with their eye off the ball.

Now that the May 25 bubble has burst, IT teams quietly whisper to one another – did we miss anything?

However, nothing is going to be perfect from day one, per se, and your organization may still require some support to ensure that the SAP landscape, both production and non-production environments, are fully compliant. The good news is that there is no need to panic – we’ve got your back on this one.  Yesterday, Attunity introduced an exciting solution, Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection, – your answer to enforcing key GDPR requirements.

With Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection, you have a safety net to protect personally identifiable information (PII) to address Article 17’s “right to be forgotten” mandate. Using this solution, you can enforce compliance and prepare for the future protection of your customers, vendors, employees and partners data.

Additional capabilities in Attunity Gold Client for Data Protection include:

  • Obfuscates PII data – uses native application functions to ensure data masking and integrity throughout the SAP application environment, ensuring that individuals do not have access to PII data in compliance with the GDPR statutes.
  • Exposure reporting -profiles the existing customer data and proactively defines who can be/should be “forgotten” based on rules created by the user
  • Custom masking levels –powerful options include pseudonymization, substitution, and redaction while still preserving referential integrity
  • Configurable policy rules – define what could or should be masked based on different timeframes and business activity
  • Complete audit trails – makes changes directly through the SAP application layer to provide an audit log of all activity
  • User-defined “undo” period –provides a user-defined period after which the data masking process cannot be reversed

For more information please read the Strengthen Your GDPR Compliance in SAP Environments solution sheet and view our GDPR web series:

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