Attunity Provides Data Integration and Data Management Solutions for Healthcare


Regulatory and industry dynamics are constantly changing for healthcare insurers, plan sponsors and third parties who reimburse healthcare costs while healthcare payers are basing their reimbursement plans on patient outcomes and quality of care. As a result, the ability to understand and measure healthcare outcomes leveraging large and varied data sets is key. The healthcare industry is implementing effective data ingestion and data management practices that support population health analytics, health information exchange, clinical innovation, and better patient outcomes. And, Attunity has solutions to help.

Healthcare Data Integration and Management Use Cases

As the healthcare industry moves forward with real-time data integration and data management initiatives, there are several common use cases that Attunity is seeing.

  • Real-time analytics of patient requirements. The ability to gather patient data from a variety of sources and move it to one data source using change data capture (CDC) is improving the way healthcare organizations are engaging with and responding to their customers’ needs.
  • Real-time fraud identification. With advanced analytics, healthcare firms are identifying fraudulent claims faster.
  • Large-scale data consolidation. By combining patient data with external data feeds, it’s possible to gain user-specific and time-specific insight into healthcare usage patterns.
  • Data migration to data lakes and cloud platforms. Many healthcare organizations are creating data lakes leveraging Hadoop and the cloud. Data lakes can blend structured patient data with unstructured data from mobile health devices, social media, and wearables. This aggregation of data supports rich analytics that help predict identify potential diseases and reduce the cost of care.


Attunity Solutions Are Helping the U.S. Healthcare Industry Manage Data

Attunity solutions help move, prepare, and analyze data more efficiently. Using Attunity Replicate and Attunity Compose, healthcare organizations can integrate data faster across diverse data platforms and automate data warehousing. This helps them meet their top business priorities with richer customer insights, reduced fraud, and more efficient claims processing.

To learn more, please download Attunity’s whitepaper entitled “Data Integration and Data Management for U.S. Healthcare Payers: Requirements and Solutions.”

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