Attunity Launches Real-Time Data Pipeline Automation for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform


Attunity’s new offering automates continuous change data capture, delivery and refinement for machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science initiatives.

Attunity is proud to announce Attunity for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, a new solution designed to automate streaming data pipelines, to make data seamlessly available, and to accelerate machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and data science initiatives. This solution is the first to provide continuous change data capture, delivery and automated refinement for creating analytic ready data sets in Databricks Unified Analytics Platform.

Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform makes it easier for enterprises to build data pipelines across various siloed data storage systems. Databricks provides one platform to unify data processing and machine learning initiatives, making AI achievable.

“Attunity is a great complement to our Unified Analytics Platform by delivering a wide variety of transactional data sources in real-time and at massive scale,” said Pankaj Dugar, Vice President of Business Development, ISVs & Tech Partners at Databricks. “Building machine learning models requires data teams to iterate on current data. Attunity for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform ensures data teams are using the most up to date enterprise data available.”


Attunity for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform helps enterprises to:

  • Accelerate time to value and increase ROI – With Apache Spark as a high-performance data processing engine, Attunity automates the data and delivers analytics-ready data sets into Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Data engineers can quickly create reusable, automated data pipelines that streamline the delivery of analytics-ready data sets to data scientists and other data consumers, lessening the need for manual coding or expensive development resources.
  • Reduce reliance on inefficient data preparation – Attunity provides more agile data pipeline generation that better meet the needs of data scientists who can now spend more time on high-value analysis and less time on preparing data.
  • Use real-time time with continuous integration at scale – Attunity’s Change Data Capture technology provides the efficiency and low-latency needed for massive machine learning data sets in the cloud.
  • Deploy in multi-cloud environments for flexibility and agility – Attunity supports Databricks on both Azure and AWS in addition to a wide range of data lake, warehouse and streaming services on these platforms.
  • Employ analytics-ready and transactionally consistent data – Attunity provisions full support for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform ACID capabilities and provides the ability to update transactions in the order they are committed on the source systems.

With Attunity’s new data pipeline automation offering for the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, we are helping organizations who want to deploy next-generation analytics in the cloud and who are deploying DataOps practices. Attunity is continuing to deliver real-time, analytics-ready and transactionally consistent data without the need for extra coding. This is a powerful enabler for data scientists that allows them to generate the business insights for corporate decision making and growth.

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