Attunity Is Your Bridge to Microsoft SQL Analytics, Here and in the Cloud


Microsoft has empowered businesses to create, share and capitalize on data for most of four decades.Cloud Blog Image

And we have partnered with Microsoft for more than 20 years, including a decade of collaboration on SQL Server.  So I’m especially excited to discuss data management best practices with our customers at the annual SQL Pass conference this week.

We understand that as you adopt hybrid cloud environments, you need full mobility to analyze the right data in the right place at the right time.  You might need some workloads on premise, using Microsoft Analytics Platform with SQL and/or HDInsight Apache Hadoop, and other workloads in the Azure cloud.

Together we give you full flexibility.  Think of Attunity as the hub that relays data to various SQL spokes in your hybrid environments.

What does this mean?

Attunity Replicate software moves data onto Microsoft Analytics Platform, with an intuitive GUI rather than custom coding, and “change data capture” (CDC) technology that relays instant updates without recopying unchanged data.  Attunity CloudBeam for Azure SQL, available in the Azure marketplace, delivers these benefits to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Here are some of the hub and spoke use cases we’ll be exploring with SQL Pass attendees.

  • Replicate data to Azure for disaster recovery
  • Replicate SQL database tables to SQL DW on Azure for cost-effective analytics, then leverage the results back on premise
  • Enable real-time insights anywhere with Attunity CDC

So how does all this reinvent productivity and business process?

Consider Tangerine, Canada’s “bank without branches” that engages customers exclusively through its mobile platform, cafes and “pop-up locations” in order to improve convenience and reduce cost.

“Things are changing very quickly in online banking, and competition is intense,” Billy Lo, Head of Enterprise Architecture, recently shared with us.  “We need to be at the forefront all the time, constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas.”  Tangerine transitioned its internal BI users to Microsoft APS, which is now the foundation for smarter decisions about new product rollouts, advertising campaigns and other initiatives based on real-time customer interactions, social media posts and sentiment analysis.

Attunity Replicate feeds in the various data points by using the native API bulk loader for Microsoft APS and high-speed WebHDFS interface for HDInsight.  Microsoft’s fast-loading APIs enable Attunity Replicate to execute automatic parallel data allocation, transformation and movement.

The result: deep and instant customer insights.  Tangerine also is considering complementing its on premise data infrastructure with a cloud deployment.

If you are at SQL Pass next week, be sure to stop by the Attunity booth (#713). Then join us for breakfast on Thursday, October 29th at 6:45 a.m. in room 602 to learn more about how together Attunity and Microsoft are empowering enterprises like Tangerine to win. It will be a great session with partner guests Matt Goswell Sr. Product Manager, Data Platform & IoT, Microsoft and John Hoang, Program Manager, Azure CAT, Microsoft. And lots of coffee! RSVP now as seats are limited.

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