Attunity and Clarity Insights: Delivering Real-time Data for BI and Analytics


Data is everywhere. And, that’s companies’ biggest challenge today. Hydrating the data lake – and getting all of your data into one place for analysis – is the most efficient way to get actionable intelligence from your data.

Taking this into account, we see many customers struggling to combine SAP Data with Big Data. We help navigate this challenge by enabling companies to integrate this data between the hot and cold layers of their data lakes. “Hot” meaning frequently accessed and ready-to-use data, and “cold” meaning nice-to-have, infrequently used data. Determining exactly what and how much data to put in each layer is a huge undertaking, but Attunity Replicate makes this process simple.

The main goals behind organizing your data lake like this are:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Merge structured, unstructured, SAP, and non-SAP data into a hybrid environment
  • Organize your data in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Enable quick, data-driven decisions that drive results

One of the world’s largest CPG companies chose Attunity and Clarity Insights to solve one of their major data problems: data consolidation into Hadoop.

With an environment made up of multiple heterogeneous sources, it would have been a nightmare to unify all of their data in a single lake for analysis. Clarity Insights worked seamlessly with the Attunity team to migrate this data from multiple sources to targets for easy access and analysis.

Attunity provides this company with the full picture of transactions across their entire enterprise. This ultimately eliminates the need to break down technology and business silos to execute data analysis projects, saving them significant time and money.

When a company hires an engineer or a data scientist, the primary goal is to extract insights and drive results for the business. If one of these key hires is spending their time wrangling and appending data, this takes away from the time they should be using to analyze results and make decisions.

In the end, the goal was to enable an agile business focus for all data science and engineering initiatives. Attunity and Clarity Insights made this a reality.

To learn more about how you can organize and optimize your data lake for success, watch a recorded webinar Delivering Real-time Data for BI and Analytics.

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