Why Choose Attunity

With decades of experience to its credit, Attunity’s proven award-winning information availability solutions are high performance, scalable, easy to use, and provide a low total cost of ownership. But there’s no need to rely on our word alone.  You could also listen to the opinion of some of the thousands of satisfied Attunity customers. In fact, half of the Fortune 100 chooses to rely on Attunity. And as leaders in their respective fields, these companies know a thing or two about making sound business decisions.

With volumes, complexity and expectations constantly increasing, how can enterprises manage their information needs successfully in a timely and cost-effective way? They rely on Attunity, of course. Attunity provides real-time information availability software that enables access, sharing and distribution of data and files across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, web and the cloud. An independent leader in change-data-capture (CDC), replication, managed file transfer, application release automation, and federation technologies, Attunity’s software has been deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide and is the choice of partners including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Data and file management technologies and practices are evolving fast to address the explosion of data volume, variety and velocity. While the 3 V’s of data - Big Data - certainly play a large role in changing the IT landscape, society’s expectation of immediate gratification in the “age of instant” is adding gasoline to the growing issue’s fire. This directly affects business expectations on everything from internet performance and gaining immediate access to poly-structured data, to expecting real-time  BI and analytics.

Choose Attunity, your answer to accessing, moving and managing your information faster, more effectively and with the highest return on investment.

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