Empower Ad-Hoc Users to Exchange Files Securely

The Challenge

Any successful business must provide its employees with the ability to securely exchange large files with external partners and within the organization on a daily basis. Making sure that all file transfers adhere to corporate security policies and meet the auditing requirements of common regulatory standards presents a major challenge.

The Solution

Hundreds of industry-leaders rely on Attunity MFT (formerly RepliWeb R-MFT) Secured Ad-Hoc to govern and secure their user-to-user file exchanges. Attunity MFT Ad-Hoc Server provides all the tools you need to efficiently manage user accounts and monitor file transfer processes. Strong end-to-end encryption, a complete audit trail of all file transfers and extensive logging protects your intellectual assets while providing full visibility into every stage of the file transfer process.


Attunity MFT Secured Ad-Hoc not only meets your organization's user-to-user file transfer needs, but also presents the best ROI the market has to offer. Deployable as a standalone or secured DMZ architecture, Attunity MFT Ad-Hoc Server eases management through Ad-hoc user creation, Active Directory synchronization, LDAP queries and more. A choice of easy-to-use client interfaces including a Web Interface, Desktop Client and Outlook Add-in allows end-users to securely (HTTPS) send and receive files of unlimited size.


  • No limit on file size or volume
  • Accredited by MANDIANT, a leading information security company
  • A full audit-trail of every single file
  • Meets the security requirements of highly secured networks (including IL3)
  • Designed to be compliant with major regulatory standards
  • Active Directory synchronization and queries
  • Supports Ad-hoc users with scheduled account expiration
  • Cost effective: rapidly installed and easily integrated