Data Warehouse Solutions for IBM Netezza

Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for IBM Netezza is a high-performance, complete data replication solution that enables clients to perform analytics on enormous data volumes while being radically simple to use and providing quick time-to-value.

Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for IBM Netezza empowers enterprise customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources to their IBM PureData System for Analytics. The solution maintains the most current data continuously and efficiently via TurboStream change data capture (CDC) tech­nology – streaming changes captured from source databases to the IBM Netezza analytics platform with minimal impact on the source. The solution is designed for rapid data collection to gain insight from enormous data volumes.

Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for IBM Netezza supports:

A wide range of data sources including mainstream relational databases and legacy systems
Automatic schema generation and implementation of metadata changes on the target
High-performance loads and continuous data capture
Transparent data type transformations between source and target
Click-2-Load graphical user interface for designing and monitoring replication tasks

Netezza image

Attunity Click-2-Load solution for IBM Netezza leverages the native NZLOAD utility that ensures that data is loaded into Netezza as fast as possible.  This integrated approach is designed to move large volumes of data into tables in the Netezza database; Attunity for IBM Netezza fully supports this high performance loading option. By leveraging IBM Netezza native utilities, Attunity’s Click-2-Load solution executes automatic parallel data allocation, transformation and movement to achieve optimal data loading performance levels.

Full Load:  Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for IBM Netezza loads data from heterogeneous data sources quickly and efficiently and provides full schema and DDL replication.
Incremental Load via TurboStream Change Data Capture (CDC):  Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for IBM Netezza streams changes captured from source databases to the data warehouse in real time.

*IBM Netezza is also known as IBM PureData System for Analytics Powered by Netezza technology.

The following screenshot captures full load progress from Oracle to IBM Netezza databases on the Attunity Replicate dashboard. Using this dashboard you can monitor % completion, load speed, track errors and more.

Netezza screen shot