Data Federation Solutions

Market Environment

In today’s business world, data volumes are growing. In addition, the numbers and types of data sources are also on the rise. Organizations must access both structured and unstructured data, as well as operational data that come from diverse systems. With industry consolidation affecting some sectors, mergers and acquisitions often trigger data and application migrations and system modernizations. These initiatives can only be successful if organizations develop a unified view of data.

Business and Technology Challenges

To accommodate business users’ needs, companies face several challenges:

  • A single view of business information is needed, which incorporates heterogeneous data sources. To remain competitive, especially during a phased event such as a data or application migration, many organizations are striving to create a unified view of their businesses. One example is the 360-degree view of the customer, which aggregates information from internal systems containing marketing, transactional, and financial data. Accessing these multiple data silos can be difficult for overworked IT teams to accomplish.
  • BI and analytics initiatives must be supported in an economical way. Although BI & analytics are a high priority for many organizations, these objectives must be met in an economical way. Technical solutions that require additional server hardware or database software can be expensive, as are options that require extensive IT resources for coding.
  • Demands for real-time information must be met quickly. To enjoy the benefits of business intelligence (BI) & analytics, organizations require access to real-time information as quickly as possible. Building new data marts can be time consuming, delaying the time-to-value for BI initiatives.

How Attunity Can Help

Data federation solutions like Attunity Federate are an ideal solution for organizations that need to integrate enterprise information across heterogeneous data sources. Attunity Federate makes diverse sources of data available as a virtual data layer, providing users with a single, 360-degree view of fresh, up-to-date enterprise information. Attunity Federate’s virtual views can be used seamlessly by applications like reporting, business intelligence, and portals. In addition, IT can deliver these single views much faster than physical data integration and they can provide real-time information directly from operational data stores.