Real-Time Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions

Attunity solutions underpin real-time business intelligence and data warehousing by capturing and streaming data changes from operational systems as they happen, resulting in up-to-date data all the time, and eliminating the need for periodic updates/batch jobs and their inherent data latency.

Leveraging Attunity TurboStream CDC (change data capture) technology, the solution identifies and captures only the changes made to source systems, minimizing impact on production systems and maximizing efficiency.

In addition, the Attunity solution works seamlessly with ETL tools, leveraging any existing investments in them and extending their functionality to support low latency data warehouses and operational data stores (ODS), enabling changes to be processed in mini-batch, micro-batch, or continuously.

Attunity Solutions for Real time Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Key Benefits

  • Provides real-time information to support operational business intelligence
  • Eliminates the need for periodic batch jobs, freeing up valuable batch windows
  • Designed for minimal impact on source systems
  • Available for many data sources and platforms
  • Supports all the leading ETL products
  • Leverages existing ETL investments
  • Lower the risk of bulk process failures
  • Easy and cost-effective implementation