Data Usage Analysis

Manage Your Data in the Context of the Business

Use Attunity Visibility to understand data usage, optimize performance, charge back to business users and satisfy auditor inquiries.

Explosive growth in new and big data creates the opportunity for real-time, actionable insights and business value.  But it also requires smart and efficient management of data like the valuable asset it is.  This is easier said than done. Exploding volumes, multiplying sources and rising business demands, coupled with a lack of visibility into data usage, have put IT on an unsustainable path. You need better intelligence to make informed decisions about charge back, performance and return on your IT investments.

In short, to manage any asset you need to measure it. With data this means shining a light on user-specific business consumption of data sets over time.  Attunity Visibility provides this intelligence. With Attunity Visibility, you gain insight into business activity and data usage across data platforms to deliver increased operational efficiency and reduce data management costs.