Move your data to the cloud - continuously

Attunity Replicate Cloud Targets


Attunity software helps with these cloud use cases:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics off-load query processing to the cloud for BI applications  and delivers fresh data for BI/Analytics in databases or data warehouses
  • Hadoop and Big Data ingest data into data lakes for analytics using Hadoop in the Cloud as well as simplify data archiving for optimal storage
  • Database and EDW Migration accelerate and simplify database and data warehouse migration with zero downtime and minutes-to-replication

Moving Data to the Cloud

Migrate your databases and data warehouses to the cloud easily and securely. Using Attunity software, source database are fully operational during the migration, so you don’t have to worry about downtime to applications that rely on the database. You can migrate your data to and from heterogeneous databases. 

“Not only did we avoid 3 months of development work and saved approximately $80,000 in labor, but Attunity enabled real-time data loading from Oracle to Amazon Redshift in just minutes. Competitive Advantage realized with just a few clicks.” – Data Architect, eTix

"After weeks of manual attempts, we turned to Attunity for Amazon Redshift.  In less than an hour, Attunity loaded 37 million records."  – Andy Allaway, Data Scientist, Philips Healthcare

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