Enterprise Data Replication

Our unified platform moves data across DBs, data warehouses, Hadoop & cloud

Data powers the business. Enterprises today maintain multiple platforms and databases to optimize workloads and enable support business operations, applications, and analytics needs. To support that environment, IT teams need the ability to make any data available at any place, at any time. But maintaining data availability across these heterogeneous environments can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring different tools for different sources and targets. Attunity can help with a unified, enterprise-class data replication platform. 

Attunity Replicate provides a unified platform to replicate, synchronize, distribute, consolidate and ingest data across all major databases, data warehouses and Hadoop, on-premises and in the Cloud. With Attunity Replicate, enterprises gain:

  • A Common Solution. Use an intuitive and configurable GUI to quickly and easily set up data replication with no manual coding
  • Broad Heterogeneous Support. Leverage the industry’s broadest support of sources and targets, including databases, data warehouses, mainframe and Hadoop
  • Low Impact. Attunity log-based CDC reduces the impact and a unique zero-footprint architecture eliminates the need to install any agents on source database systems
  • Robust replication patterns. Support batch and real-time/continuous replication, as well as transactional, batch-optimized, or message oriented replication patterns
  • Centralized monitoring and control. Scale your architecture and software to replicate data across to hundreds and thousands of databases, providing centralized monitoring and management capabilities

Check out the Attunity Replicate data sheet.

Attunity Replicate Persistent Store Diagram

Data Sources

Data Targets