Attunity Customer Support

Attunity Support is committed to excellence in customer service and the Attunity Support team members are committed to providing Attunity customers with all the required level of support for optimal use of Attunity products in their environment.

Support information and services:

Support Contact Details for:

Support for Application and Content Deployment Customers

For the following solutions:

  • Attunity EFR
  • Attunity MFT
  • Attunity Repliweb


In North America Call:
+1 954 946 2274

In EMEA Call:
+972 9 899 3100

In APAC Call:
+1 954 946 2274

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Support for Attunity CloudBeam Customers

For the following solutions:

  • Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift
  • Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon RDS and Databases on Amazon EC2
  • Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3

Customers currently under Support:

Phone: +1 954 946 2274

Customers seeking Interactive Support Options:  Learn more here.  

Self-Service Resources:  Visit the Attunity CloudBeam Launch Pad.  

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Support for Data Integration Customers

For the following solutions:

  • Attunity Replicate
  • Attunity CDC
  • Attunity CDC for SSIS
  • Attunity Connect 

North & South America

Phone: +1 781 730 4060
Local Support Hours: 9am to 5pm EST


United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 870 199 4234
Local Support Hours: 9am to 5pm UK local time

French Customers
Phone: +972 9 899 3100
Toll Free: 0800 90 47 42
Local Support Hours: 9am to 5pm France local time

t +972 9 899 3100
f +972 9 899 3001
Local Support Hours: 9am to 6pm local time


People's Republic of China
+(852) 2756 9233 (HK) and +(86)-21-62809691 (PRC) and for PRC
Local Support Hours: 9am to 5pm China local time

Australian Customers
Technical Support
Phone: +(852) 2756 9233 (HK)
Toll Free: 1-800-209251

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Support for Gold Client Solutions Customers

From our self-service knowledge base to live hands-on remote collaboration support, we provide world-class industry leading support for customers across the globe.

  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • Support Phone Hotline
  • Direct Access to the Software Engineers from your Implementation
  • Hands-on Remote Collaboration

theHUB Support Portal:

  • Help Desk Resource
  • Dedicated Issue Tracking
  • Resource Customer Community of Gold Client Users
  • Automatic Email Integration
  • Live Chat

theHUB Login:



Phone:   +1 847 543-8982
Toll-free US: + 1 877 484-8982

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Support Tools

Attunity Support Portal 

A Web-based application that stores and handles all support related activities. All support related issues must be registered in the Attunity Support Portal in order to be handled by support personnel. Registration of issues is done by customers, partners and Attunity personnel. Selective access by customers enables them to view and interact in the framework of their issues only.

Watch Video on Attunity's New Support Portal

Knowledgebase (searchable component) includes:

  • Articles written by Attunity's Technical Support Engineering staff based on experiences gained from helping implement Attunity solutions for our customers.
  • Attunity Technical support adds solved issues to the knowledgbase to share those issues with customers in the form of problem subject, description and solution.


  • Web hosted application that enables remote access to customers and Attunity machines for multi-user presentations, training and demonstrations.

Attunity Development Lab

  • The environment to reproduce, demonstrate and validate customers issues and problems.'

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Support Agreements/Levels

Standard Support
Customers that sign up for Standard Support will be provided with all the support services during regular working hours, including Hotline support via telephone and email, and web-based issue generation and tracking.

Premium (Enterprise) Support (24x7)
Customers that sign up for Premium Support will be provided with the Hotline support via telephone, electronic e-mail or other electronic means at Attunity's discretion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers that purchase this service will be entitled to call a single number that automatically reroutes them to the Attunity Support team on duty at the time of call.

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